6 Tips That Can Keep Your Hardwood Looking Fresh

Feb 22, 2018

Congratulations! You have finally installed your last plank of hardwood and your flooring project is complete! As you look around at your beautiful looking new floor, a thought may pop into your head, “how can I make my floor look this new and beautiful forever?”

People and pets (if you have any) will be walking on the floor which can cause it to get dirty and start to look old after a while. You just did all this work to create a beautiful flooring, but to keep it clean you have to follow a few rules, and include a regular maintenance schedule. Read on to see the best ways to keep your hardwood looking fresh and new for years to come!

Daily cleaning

Dust and dirt will find their way onto your new hardwood floor, there is no way to avoid this. If you get into the habit of sweeping or vacuuming your floor every day, you will avoid dirt from settling into your hardwood. Use a vacuum with a floor head or an angle broom to safely remove dirt and dust without leaving any scratches or scuffs.

Take your shoes off!

If you have been walking on your old floor with your shoes on, you need to get into the habit of walking barefoot on your new hardwood floor. Wearing your shoes indoors tracks dirt and grime on your floors, which will cause you to clean it up even more. Invest in a comfy pair of slippers to keep your feet warm and comfortable, and to protect your new hardwood flooring. Put mats around areas where people enter the house so they have a place to put their dirty shoes so you can keep your floors dry.

Limit scratches

Over the years, your floor will eventually get a few scratches. However, if you take preventative measures, you will be able to limit the number of scratches your floor will see. For example, if you have furniture on your hardwood floor, use felt pads on the bottom of the legs so if somebody accidentally moves it, they won’t scratch the floor.

Use proper cleaners

When mopping your hardwood floors, avoid cleaners that use ammonia, wax, polish, or oil soaps. These types of cleaners could affect the surface of the floor, which will cause refinishing problems in the future. You should note that you shouldn’t mop your hardwood floor too often, maybe once a month or so, as mopping can strip away the natural oils from the wood. However, if you have a safe and environmental safe cleaner like our very own Milton Floor Cleaner we sell, every week is fine!

Renew the finish

Every few years, you can brighten your dull looking hardwood floor by giving it a light sanding and a new coat of polyurethane. You can also hire a flooring pro to set up a maintenance plan, so their company can give your floor a professional refinishing every few years.

Keep your home humid

Hardwood flooring can expand and contract if your home is not at the proper humidity level. Generally speaking, the ideal level of humidity is between 45 percent and 65 percent. Purchasing a humidifier or dehumidifier will give you better control over the level of humidity in your home.