About Us



Our passion for wood runs deep, and we hope to inspire the same enthusiasm in you. Our success in the hardwood flooring business is mainly the result of the authentic products we carry and our exceptional customer service. Milton Hardwood Floors sells great quality flooring…flooring that’s made to last. We provide floors that look good, feel good and are luxurious. Our floors are not commodities but rather luxurious and cream of the crop!

Happy customers matter most to us, and we live by this principle at work. It’s how we brand ourselves. Our customers are amazed by what we do for them, and offering a variety of product selections helps boost our popularity. Every product that fills our shelves and leaves our doors represents who we are.

Joe Carriera

Joe brings 30 plus years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. Joe lives, eats and breathes Hardwood. He is an expert craftsman in flooring who is not hesitant to teach others around him in the industry, not to mention his great skills as a carpenter. Our customers adore him for his great nature and his authentic and passionate approach to laying and refinishing Hardwood floors. He is a real “Renaissance” kind of man. He spends a lot of time making sure the family dog stays out of his garden, where he cultivates beautiful fresh herbs and vegetables that are part of his upbringing in a small Italian community. He also loves spending time with his best friend, his wife of course…and his four children.

Ed Arce

Ed enjoys his job. He likes being surrounded by different people and interacting with clients on a daily basis. He sees it as gaining a wealth of knowledge for free! He is enthusiastic, versatile, flexible and open-minded and everyone works well with him in the office. He is a people person all the way and builds strong relationships everywhere he goes. He’s savvy with his numbers. He loves numbers. We think he dreams about them. His business skills bring a lot to the success of the company and the hardwood flooring industry. In his downtime, he likes to ride his motorcycles and spend time with his wife…who is also his best friend. He also enjoys spending time with his daughters and his two big German shepherds. We don’t like his dogs much…but he does!