The Value Added to Your Home with Premium Hardwood Flooring

Aug 25, 2017

Premium hardwood flooring comes in a wide array of styles, designs and colours. From colours such as a dark vintage rich ash to a light warm maple, hardwood flooring can be suited to any particular theme you had in mind for the room in your home/office.

Now, whether you want to a wide scale renovation or are planning to move out in the near/distant future, one of the things you might want to start considering is the value of your home. More specifically, how to increase the value of your home. One of the ways to do this is to consider premium hardwood flooring.

Flooring is one of the first things that prospective buyers notice when they walk into a home. It is becoming less and less frequent that homeowners find carpeting or tile more appealing than hardwood flooring. It has been said that installing hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home exponentially.

The best part? It is one of the more affordable and easier options of increasing the value of your home!

Perceived Value

In the case of prospective buyers, most of them are looking for the added incentive of hardwood floors as it has more appeal than carpeting or tile. One thing that hardwood flooring provides is a positive perceived value of a home. When you install hardwood flooring, it can immediately give the home a more modernized, sleeker and luxurious look which will be seen as desirable to any guests in the home or any potential buyers.

Easy Maintenance

The less work that needs to be done the better. When a prospective buyer walks into a home, they want the preference of doing not as many renovations when they move in. Hardwood floors are easier to clean, restore and can withstand a heavy foot traffic. Cleaning hardwood floors requires minimal effort, it only requires sweeping, vacuuming or polishing when needed.

Additional Benefits

  • Restoration: the wooden flooring is resilient and can be easily repaired, restored or refurbished if any damage happens to it. This isn’t usually the case for other damaged flooring options. For a prospective buyer or current homeowner, this increases the value of a home because they know that hardwood flooring is a good investment.
  • Cleanliness: unlike carpet, wooden floors do not trap any allergens or dust. It provides a cleaner look to the home.
  • Insulation: wooden floors are great for insulation because they contain tiny air chambers in the wooden planks that can hold in heat.
  • Durability: wooden flooring lasts longer than any other flooring options (over 75 plus years).

Installing premium hardwood floors is a sure fire way of increasing the value of your home to the eyes of any guests and/or prospective buyers. It looks better, cleans better and even smells better than most flooring options! So, if you are thinking of doing a renovation or thinking of selling the house, hardwood floors are guaranteed to increase the value of your home!