Best Engineered Hardwood Floor For Scratch-Resistance

Apr 14, 2021

If you’ve got an active family, then going with an engineered hardwood floor will be a great solution for durability. However, not all engineered hardwood floors are made equal when it comes to being scratch-resistant. The secret behind knowing whether or not it will be scratch-resistant is the finish.

Engineered hardwood floors with a low VOC, UV-hardened aluminum oxide finish will be scratch-resistant so that you won’t have to worry about your overactive family or furniture scratching the floor. You also won’t need to worry about any toxicity in your home’s air quality.

Aluminum oxide is one of the hardest finishes available for the final coating of many flooring types. It is a naturally occurring element that is present in ruby and sapphire gemstones. Aluminum oxide is able to penetrate the top layers of wood, guarding against oxidation and sealing up the board’s surface while adding in a scratch-resistant layer to the hardwood floor.

This type of finish is also a great benefit for those who have pets, and it also preserves the beauty of your home and flooring. New floors usually fade over time with exposure to UV radiation, but wood that is treated and finished with aluminum oxide will keep your floor colour beautiful for much longer. Aluminum oxide protects against oxidation, meaning that it won’t break down over time with exposure to oxygen, air or water, and it will keep it looking newer.

The aluminum finish is typically UV-cured, which means that it will limit any off-gassing that might have occurred with other curing methods. Floors that are finished during installation can off-gas the finish that your installer used, and because they won’t be UV-cured, there are usually thinner layers in the finish, and this means they are less scratch-resistant.

Even though engineered hardwood flooring is built to last a lifetime, there should be some maintenance done to keep them clean. Be sure to use the right cleaning products for the job, like using a soft, dry microfiber mop and products designed for use on aluminum-oxide finished floors. Using the wrong cleaners and cleaning techniques can cause your floors to become dull and damaged. You should also avoid using any waxes, wet mopping and vinegar.

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