Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Dogs

Apr 10, 2019

Hardwood flooring might seem like a risky option if you have furry family members, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have both a dog and hardwood flooring as long as you pick one with characteristics that are compatible with dogs. Here are the hardwood traits you should look out for when choosing the flooring that is best for homes with dogs:

Less Sheen

Floors with less sheen hide scratches and dents better than shiny floors. The high-powered lights of today combined with a glossy floor can magnify scratches and dents. Less gloss also means that dirt and hair are less visible, so you don’t have to clean your floors as frequently. There is no such thing as scratch-proof flooring, but a lower gloss finish can make stretches less visible.


Not all hardwood flooring is the same level of hardness. There is a scale called Janka that acts as a measure to tell how resistant a type of wood is to scratches, dents and general wear. The higher a Janka rating, the more resistant the wood will be to scratches from your dog’s claws.


Another excellent option is to use distressed/handscraped wood since a dent or scratch won’t look much different than the patterning already on it. Its look is accomplished by brushing the wood with a steel brush before it is stained and finished. It scrapes out the softer fibres from the wood grain and leaves the textured, hard grain behind. This texture also makes it easier to grip the floor when wearing socks so you can worry less about slips.


Darker woods show more scratches and dents than lighter-coloured wood, especially when paired with bright lights. Choose lighter shades of wood to make it less evident in the case of dents and scratches. Or, use dark wood for areas that are not as well-lit like a basement. Stick to light wood for open concept rooms and homes.


At Milton Hardwood, we have a wide selection of hardwood options to suit any home, whether it has pets, small children or even just clumsy adults. We will work with you to find a flooring solution that is beautiful, practical and cost-effective. We have so much trust in the quality of our products that back all of them with warranties. Our success in the hardwood flooring industry is due to our experienced professionals and dedication to excellent customer service. Call us today to find out more about our warranty-backed products or to get a quote.