Frequently Asked Questions after Floor Installation

Aug 28, 2019

Wood floors add value and beauty to your home, but as with any significant home improvement, you can expect some degree of interruption to your home life. That is especially true if you plan on replacing all of your flooring or busy areas like the kitchen. There are some things you should do before the flooring installation process can begin to ensure you get the best results, though. Before starting your flooring project, it is essential to understand what you can expect after the work is completed. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked after a floor renovation.

What inconveniences can I expect during installation?

You must expect there to be noise created by the installation process. Unless arrangements are made in advance, the installers must do all their cutting in the area of the installation. If that is an issue, talk to your installers before to see if most of the cutting can be done while you are at work or away from home.

What do I have to consider with children and pets?

Children and pets tend to be fascinated by the activity surrounding the installation process, but they should be kept away from the workspace. With workers walking around with pieces of wood and cutting it up, the area will not be secure enough for children and pets to be roaming around freely.

What can I expect during the installation?

You can expect a clean and professional floor laying expert who respects you and your home. There should not be a need for too much discussion as they set out to lay your floor quickly and up to standard. When the installation is complete, the floor will be swept clean.

What should I be prepared for when the installation is complete?

Not much will need to be done after your floors are installed. We will take care of the clean-up and make sure you are happy with the final result. For an extra clean look, you can repaint your baseboards at this point to make your new floors stand out even more.

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