Top Three Most Popular Hardwood Floor Textures

Sep 11, 2019

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest, most durable and popular flooring types in the world. Whether hardwood floors are installed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or basement, they look great. One of the reasons hardwood flooring is so popular is because of the wide variety of textures and types to choose from. It’s also durable, sustainable and long-lasting, which makes it the most financially responsible decision for homeowners.

Not sure what hardwood floor texture to choose? Here’s a guide to the top three hardwood floor textures:

Smooth Texture

Smooth hardwood flooring is a texture that’s a fan favourite among most wood lovers. A delicate sanding gives wood the smooth texture while highlighted with grain. This hardwood texture represents structure that is complemented with a high gloss look for a renowned appearance.

Hand Scraped Texture

This texture can range from subtle to extreme and an authentic pattern to a repetitive pattern depending on the desired result. One way the hand scraped texture is produced is by an automated machine, which mills the wood and skims the boards surface. Then, rows of depressions are made in the wood’s surface. Gouging or sanding wheels follow with varying rotations, depths and sizes depending on the result desired. Each manufacturer has a different method of how to do the hand scraped texture, but the ultimate goal is for it to look antique.

Milton Hardwood carries a variety of hand scraped wood made from different species with a light, medium or dark finish.

Wire Brushed Texture

Wire brushed texture gives hardwood planks a remarkable visual appeal as it hides scratches and any dirt stains. This type of flooring is perfect if you have pets that may scratch the hardwood or kids that may track in dirt from outside. The term “wire brushed” refers to a hardwood flooring finish that involves scraping the wood planks with a wire brush that’s hard-bristled. The process ultimately reveals the soft grain from the growth rings of the tree used and what’s exposed is the heart of the wood. The result has more texture than a typical hardwood glossy finish and appears more distressed, rustic and gently weathered. This texture technique can be used on many different types of wood, however, the end result will vary based on the wood species used. Wire brushing texture looks best on wood with a lot of grain and natural veins. Wire brushing hickory wood or oak pulls out the softest fibres of the wood for a more natural appearance.

Milton Hardwood uses oak species for our wire brushed texture finish which looks natural and modern with a gently weathered finish.

At Milton Hardwood, we are passionate about wood and our hardwood floors are designed and produced with the highest standards. We offer hardwood floors that are made to last, look beautiful in your home or commercial property and all for affordable pricing. To learn more about us, get in touch on our website or give us a call today!