Tips to Choose your Hardwood Floor Sheen

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Installing new flooring is a big investment, especially if it is hardwood, which is why it is important to go through every aspect to make sure it will look great in your home. One aspect that you should consider carefully is your floor’s sheen. While this may seem like a minor detail, in reality, it is something that can make a big difference in the overall look of your floors, so take your time when choosing the gloss level of your new flooring to ensure that you’ll love it.

If you’re not sure what exactly sheen is, you’re not alone. In short, it is a surface’s ability to reflect light. Sheen is also referred to as lustre or gloss and the higher the level, the more directly it will reflect light. The opposite is also true, so the lower the level of gloss, the more the surface will diffuse the light because it will absorb it. An important thing to remember before selecting the type of hardwood flooring you want is that the glossier you decide to go, the more light will reflect off your floors meaning more dirt and dust will be visible on your hardwood. Imperfections will also be more obvious, so keep this in mind if you are a big fan of glossy.

There is a way of calculating the gloss levels and it is most commonly described using a percentage, which is why most flooring options will have a number in the description to state the level of gloss. Terms like semi-gloss, high-gloss, low-gloss and matte are also used to describe the hardwood and give the customer a better understanding of the sheen.

There are so many options when it comes to selecting hardwood floors and an endless variety of species and textures which will affect the gloss levels because of the way they are produced. For example, natural wood and closed-grain wood will produce different levels of gloss. The sheen of your floors matters but don’t stress too much because, regardless of your choice, it will not impact the durability of your finish and is more of an aesthetic choice.

Milton Hardwood can help you make the right choice by going over every detail of flooring with you. You can discuss texture, colour, grain and sheen and together, select hardwood flooring that works best for you both in terms of functionality and style. Give them a call today and start loving your new floors!

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