How To Choose The Right Hardwood Floor

If you are re-modelling your home, you need to carefully consider the type of flooring that you choose. Hardwood floors should be considered before of the charm and richness that they provide. The problem that some people face is choosing the right hardwood floor from...

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6 Tips that can keep your Hardwood Looking Fresh

Congratulations! You have finally installed your last plank of hardwood and your flooring project is complete! As you look around at your beautiful looking new floor, a thought may pop into your head, “how can I make my floor look this new and beautiful forever?”  ...

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The Best Uses for Discarded Pieces of Wood

So you’ve just finished installing your brand new hardwood floors and you find yourself left with some extra planks. Or perhaps after cutting a number of planks to different lengths, you’ve built up a pile of oddly shaped pieces all at different lengths. No matter...

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