Is It Really Necessary to Acclimatize New Hardwood Flooring?

Apr 8, 2020

If you’re planning on installing new solid hardwood flooring, there is a step involved that most people are unfamiliar with. Acclimatization should be part of the process and this step must be done before you begin laying your new flooring.

Many people choose the type, grade and stain they want for their new solid hardwood flooring and don’t realize that allowing the new wood to acclimatize to the environment is equally as important. If you have not heard of the term acclimatization before, you are not alone and a lot of people are unaware that this is a requirement. Allowing your flooring time to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels in your home is referred to as acclimatization and taking the time to do this first, prior to the installation, is a must because this step ensures that your boards fit together properly. It also causes the wood to be less affected by the slight rate of expansion and contraction that is a normal occurrence when the seasons change.

The process is easy and does not require any special instructions in order to allow your wood to acclimatize. You simply have to remove any wrap or covering that was placed on the wood for protection during transit and then place the wood in the room where it is going to be installed as flooring. Leave it in that room for about three to five days because that is the amount of time it takes for wood to adjust to the humidity levels of that specific space. Using spacers in between each of the boards is recommended because it allows the air to circulate freely around each board and these are something you can pick up from a local supplier. It is also recommended that your heating and cooling system be running a few days before your flooring arrives so that every square inch of the space is at the temperature and humidity range that it is going to be for most of the year. This allows the wood to adapt to the typical environment that you prefer and are used to.

If you’re wondering whether or not acclimatization actually makes a difference, the answer is yes and this approach is going to save you time and money in the long run. It decreases the chances of your flooring expanding to the point that the boards may buckle or shift and prevents the need for repairs later on. It’s natural to want to start the installation of your new boards right away but this step allows you to enjoy your flooring for a longer period of time and your patience is going to pay off because it produces better results.

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