Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2018

Jul 3, 2018

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for a home makeover or reconstruction. From floors to ceiling, trends keep changing, offering you greater innovation and more contemporary designs every year. Although wood is common, a variety of styles from hardwood to vinyl to engineered wood have given flooring a whole new meaning. Keep your home looking fresh and up-to-date with these popular flooring trends. See which floors are taking centre stage in 2018:

Long Planks

Long planks are making a splash everywhere. In recent years, soft grey has taken over beige as the top colour choice. Smooth is giving way to new textured looks such as rugged driftwood and distressed wood for a natural, eco-friendly look. Hardwood tiles in medium and dark tones are in with grey taking the place of yellowish oak and darker cherry tones in this category too. Go for a matte or satin finish instead of high gloss.

Celebrate Organic

As the world moves more toward environmentally conscious options, so does flooring. 2018 goes green with innovative ideas in flooring. Marmoleum and cork floors are creating eye-catching patterns in parquet style planks. If you are a hardwood lover, try using mixed width planks for an uneven, natural aesthetics.

Shades of Grey

Gone are the extreme shades of 2017 when very dark and very light hues dominated. It’s 50 shades of grey everywhere. Have a look at whitewashed, beachy looks that bring the outdoors in. Warmer tones in honey are setting the trend in new homes.

Dark Stained Wood Options

If you prefer richer hues to give your interior an elegant, plush feel, don’t worry, dark wood floors in colours like espresso and rich walnut continue to make a statement. A good example is the Wickham Quarter Sawn Handscraped collection in the dark option. While these shades can make your home look cozy, they may also make rooms look smaller. Just offset with light coloured furniture to create the illusion of space. The thing to watch out for in dark wood colours are the scratches and stains! The darker the colour, the harder it is to miss imperfection. This is the reason why espresso seems to be on its way out while blondes and whitewashes are the order of the day. Consider warm caramel if you’d like something in between.

Classic Blonde

The trend in light, airy home interiors are leading to the comeback of light, airy colours such as chic blonde in particular. One of the reasons is the ease in decorating on a neutral backdrop. There are various shades in this colour to create a rustic or contemporary feel. Check out the bamboo, maple, ash, and white oak looks (like the White Oak premier wire brushed legend series). Blonde tones can make your home look spacious, especially if you use large planks. Blonde is a classic shade that will always be in style.

Whitewashed Wonders

On top of the list is the upscale, contemporary whitewashed look that reflects the romance of the coastal regions. It’s the look that invites you to relax, unwind without yearning for a vacation. Make your farmhouse stand out with this style or your kitchen. Use it in every corner of your home if you like what you see. The possibilities are endless. Whitewash flooring can make your home look brighter and bigger. Other textures homeowners are embracing in 2018 are wire brushed, hand scraped, and distressed wood floors that have a weathered look with high variation between the planks. These can give your home a lot of character.

Milton Hardwood – Affordable Elegance

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