Deciding whether or not you should save your hardwood floors is not as easy as it seems because it’s tough to know if it’s worth keeping the flooring you currently have or if you should replace it altogether.

The answer to this tough question comes down to preference in most cases. One of the great things about hardwood floors is that you can usually refinish them, so saving them will always be an option. Old hardwood is not a bad thing because it can provide your home with charm and character, so it depends on how bad the condition of your hardwood is in your eyes and whether or not you can tolerate the stains and squeaks and other signs of old age.

If the qualities that come with aged hardwood floors don’t bother you very much, you can continue enjoying them the way they are. If you feel that your floors could use an improvement, you can consider saving them by refinishing the hardwood and replacing the boards. Add in a few repairs and you’ll have yourself a beautiful floor. When it comes to aesthetics, you need to keep in mind that saving your current floors is not the same as installing new hardwood flooring, so your expectations have to be realistic. Your floors are not going to look brand new, so you have to decide if you’re okay with this so that you don’t hate the results in terms of appearance. Other problems can be fixed quite easily, so if you have squeaky floors, that can be solved by tightening the boards with nails and applying dry lubricant to quiet the sounds. Holes in the hardwood can be plugged, sections that are damaged can be patched and insect infested boards can be replaced.

There are a few conditions, however, that will make it difficult to save your floors because it will cause your hardwood to be beyond repair. This includes serious structural problems that require the flooring to be removed in order for the subfloor to be fixed, as well as floors that have a lot of movement between the boards which don’t allow for proper refinishing. If your floors have been sanded too many times, it may not be worth saving and a better idea would be to look into a new replacement.

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