Easy Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Jul 22, 2019

Floors are easily noticed when one enters a home, so protecting them and caring for them properly is very important, especially when it comes to hardwood flooring. You’ve invested a lot in terms of money and time into having hardwood installed so why not take the time to protect them?

The most obvious and easy way of protecting your floors is to clean them. This is simple and will make a big difference for many years to come. If you notice any dirt or see a spill, make sure to wipe it up right away and do your best not to let it sit so that it doesn’t stain permanently. Keep in mind that there are proper tools that should be used when cleaning hardwood, like a dry dust cloth which will help protect your floors while maintaining its condition. Using a wet mop can actually harm your floors, so don’t use any products or materials you’re not supposed to.

Remove your shoes when entering your home as they can cause scratches and bring in dirt, mud, and stones from outside. Make a rule that requires your family members and guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home to prevent any damage from happening. Footwear, especially high heels, can mark your floor so have a mat placed at the entrance where people can take their shoes off without making contact with the hardwood.

If you are really concerned about certain areas of your home that see high foot traffic, then you can consider placing small rugs in those areas to serve as protection between food, spills and any other activities you fear will damage your floors. This is also a great idea if you have pets running around because it can help prevent their nails from scratching your floors.

A final option is to have your hardwood floors professionally finished. While this can seem expensive, it will bring new life into your floors and serve as the ultimate protection. Most hardwood already has some sort of protective coating on them, however, it can wear off over time, which can affect the level of protection it offers.

If you’re interested in having hardwood flooring flooring installed or have questions regarding this type of flooring, contact Milton Hardwood. They can answer all of your inquiries and get started on your beautiful new hardwood floors today!