How to Restore Damaged Hardwood Floors

Apr 22, 2019

Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment; one that you’ll want to keep in good condition for as long as possible. However, accidents do happen, whether it’s from water damage or general wear and tear. To help restore your damaged floors, here are four methods for you to try that won’t take any time at all.

Scratches and Gouges

However you may have gotten those scratches, from playful pets to messy children, there’s an easy fix for light abrasions. For shallow scratches, apply an acrylic or wax floor polish to the area. But be aware that these products are likely to darken and look dull over time. Your best bet is probably to use hardwood markers or stains to correct the colouring so the scratch isn’t visible. For deeper scratches, try using wood filler and let it dry before applying a stain marker to match its surroundings.

Water Damage and Staining

Water damage from a leak or flooding can stand and warp your floors. If the floors are stained, get as much moisture out of them as you can by wiping up any puddles and using a blow dryer to get the remaining moisture out. If there’s white staining, then use a slightly abrasive substance, like toothpaste, as well as a soft cloth to gently polish out the stain. Dark staining, on the other hand, will require more work. Sand away the finish over the stained area before repeatedly applying vinegar or bleach to lighten the stain. Not working? Then you’ll have to replace that section of flooring. For slightly warped flooring, you can try nailing down the raised edges or placing something heavy on the area. Severely warped planks, however, will have to be replaced entirely.


This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process whatsoever. If you’re looking to refinish your hardwood floors, try using a chemical etching product to remove your finish. As long as there aren’t any deep scratches or wax finishes, this should be pretty easy. Before you start, clear away your furniture, vacuum your floors and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Apply a thin layer of the liquid etching product and let it dry for 30 minutes. Once dry, run a damp mop over the floor and let that dry. Use wood stain to go over any scratches and apply the finishing coat as per the instructions.

Embrace the Character

Don’t want to invest in restoring your hardwood floors ? Then embrace the character that comes with well-worn flooring. As distressed hardwood floors have become somewhat of a trend over the years, it’s actually a selling point for some people. If your floors are scraped and gouged and have seen better days, keep the patina look of it, as it will make your house feel more like home.

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