How Hardwood Flooring Can Improve your Home Value

Dec 20, 2019

If you’re looking to increase the value of our home, you need to improve its condition and flooring is a great place to start. Hardwood flooring, in particular, is known to add value while transforming the interior of your home.

Potential buyers are a lot more interested when they see hardwood flooring because it is a feature that is very appealing. Updating your current flooring and installing hardwood is definitely something you should consider because it is a great selling point. In many areas, buyers actually expect to see this type of flooring, so if you’re the only house in the neighbourhood that has outdated flooring, it’s time to install new flooring and you probably shouldn’t consider selling until you do; otherwise, many buyers can walk away. This is especially true when two houses in the same area are on the market at the same time because if one has hardwood flooring and the other doesn’t, the home with updated flooring sells a lot faster for a higher price. The outdated home may sit on the market with no potential buyers for a very long time. Make sure your outdated floors are not the only distinguishing feature that sets you apart because this impacts your home negatively in many aspects, especially how much a buyer pays.

The reason hardwood flooring improves a home is because it adds to the overall design and depending on the type of hardwood you choose and design layout you select, it brings more value to your home. Consult a flooring expert to help with installation because the pattern and direction both matter and can make a real difference. Certain patterns look dated or make the room feel smaller, regardless of new flooring, so there’s more to it than just deciding on hardwood. The perfect design, pattern and direction are elements that set you apart for all the right reasons. This adds value if you are planning on selling your home or allow you to enjoy an upgraded space if you plan on living in the house for a while longer.

Hardwood is a lot more appealing than carpet or other types of flooring and your home can certainly stand out. One of the main benefits of hardwood is the life span because this type of flooring can last for decades if the proper care is applied. They may need to be refinished every now and then but it is an investment that is worth it whose results you or the new homeowner can enjoy for a very long time.

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