Three Flooring Types To Complete Your Bedroom

Jun 6, 2020

Your flooring selection can make or break the appearance of your bedroom. It determines how alluring and welcoming the room is and is often what guests base their first impression on when you give them a tour. Bedroom flooring must also be comfortable for bare feet, visually appealing, durable and complement the decorations and other features of the bedroom. When it comes to bedroom flooring options, you have several options to choose from.

Milton Hardwood has compiled a list of the top three flooring types based on appearance, durability and comfort. Read on to learn more about these popular flooring types.

1. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring has undoubtedly become one of the most popular flooring choices for home and commercial property owners. Due to its durability, beautiful aesthetics, and being extremely easy-to-clean and maintain, hardwood is a premium selection. Hardwood floor planks have a certain amount of yield and are both soft and warm underneath, which maintains the comfort of those that walk on it. Hardwood flooring is classic and timeless. There is also a variety of different cuts and materials that other flooring just cannot match. The natural appeal of hardwood floors, along with their depth, warmth and stunning beauty makes it a suitable addition for bedrooms.

2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are a viable alternative to solid wood flooring and operate essentially in the same manner. It differs from solid wood flooring by being made up of different wood plies. The wood types are then joined using heat and pressure. Engineered hardwood floors come in a variety of different finishes, including matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Engineered flooring is less expensive than authentic hardwood floors and adds style, performance and value to the room. It provides a durable layer of warmth and beauty to your bedroom.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can visually appear like hardwood flooring for those that want a more affordable option. It is available in a variety of different tone colours and styles to suit the aesthetic of the room. Many homeowners opt to install laminate flooring on their own because of how easy and relatively fast it is to layer. Laminate floors are also quite durable, but they can become susceptible to wear and tear, water and liquids over time. Laminate floors provide a thin, sleek layer that is protected by a layer, which prevents damage and staining. You can also choose to have laminate underlayment flooring, which makes the floors much softer and insulates them.

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