How To Stop Hardwood Floors From Squeaking

Mar 13, 2020

If your home has sneaky hardwood floors, you presumably know how much of a nuisance those squeaky sounds can be. Although it’s primarily older homes that have this issue, those pesky, high-pitched sounds can occur easily. Fortunately, squeaky floors are not something you have to struggle with for a long time. There are a number of ways to fix and silence hardwood floors to keep them squeak-free.

Read on to discover how to stop the creaking and keep your hardwood floors mute.

1. Below-Ground Floor Repair

Squeaky hardwood floors can be fixed from below as a method of silencing the flooring. But this method requires access to the crawl space or area underneath the hardwood floors. To do this below-ground repair, you need the following:

  • An assistant
  • Construction adhesive

Once beneath the floor, have the assistant walk across the surface of it slowly back and forth. With each squeak you hear, have the person stop and pinpoint the location. Check for a gap between the floor joist and the subfloor underside and if you detect one, apply the adhesive onto the wood wedge and push it into the gap area. The wood wedge fills that airy void and stops the floor from moving, which is what is causing the squeak.

2. Fill In Gaps With Adhesive

The wood wedge can effectively silence areas with isolated squeaking, but cannot be used for larger, longer gap areas. If you detect a long gap in the hardwood floor, fill in the gap, cracks and voids with a strong, durable construction adhesive. Apply the adhesive using a caulking gun to force it directly into the gap space between the subfloor underside and the top of the joist. When the adhesive hardens, it can prevent floor movement and mute noise.

3. Above-Ground Repair

If you do not have access to the crawl space underneath the floor, you can fix the squeaking from above. Although this process is a tad more complicated, it is still a viable method. Ensure you have the following repairs:

  • Squeak No More screw kit
  • Wood filler

Locate the area of the squeak and use the dual-pitch screws from the ‘Squeak No More’ kit to drive into the floor joists. Do not drive the screws deeply into the floor as you need to snap the screws at the seams. There may be a small hole remaining on the floor but it can be fixed with the wood filler.

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