Renovating Hardwood Floors

Oct 28, 2019

If your hardwood floors are starting to look old, renovating them should be an option you look into so that you don’t have to replace them completely. So, before you rush to the conclusion that your floors need to be ripped out, consider the following elements to bring new aesthetics to your old hardwood floors.

Dirt and dust inevitably make their way to the surface of your hardwood floors, which can cause them to look dull and dingy. A deep and thorough cleaning can help restore its original appearance, which is actually quite easy to do. Start by sweeping your floors with a soft bristle broom that doesn’t scratch the surface of your wood and switch to a vacuum once the sweeping has been completed to reach corners and clean between floorboards, which are hard to reach areas that a broom simply does not clean. You want to complete the process by mopping your hardwood floor using a microfibre cloth and cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood flooring. Do not use any cleaning product you want because you can end up damaging your floors instead of improving them.

If you find that the deep clean did not restore your hardwood’s glow, you can try a fresh new finish that doesn’t require sanding or staining through the use of specially designed products that don’t change the colour of your floors. Some products take 24-hours to dry after they’ve been applied and up to two weeks to cure, but the good news is that these products are made to not only refresh your floors, but to fill light scratches and soften dings as well, without sanding.

While these quick fixes are great, some hardwood floors require actual refinishing because maybe they are past the point of a quick trick. Deep scratches and wide gaps need more work, including sanding, patching and coating in order to renovate your hardwood floors successfully.

Hiring a professional company is a wise choice because it’s not an easy project to complete and without the experience and skills, the process can be lengthy and may not be completed properly. Milton Hardwood can help you install or refinish your floors the right way and if you choose to proceed this way, you are able to select a new stain colour for a whole new look. You can pick a rich mahogany or a dark oak but keep in mind that darker hardwood makes dirt and stains more noticeable. You also get to choose between satin flooring or glossy, so there are several options available to you when refinishing your floors.

For hardwood flooring related things, give Milton Hardwood a call. They are going to provide you with amazing service, quality floors and results!