Should You Use Hardwood Floors In The Bathroom?

May 12, 2019

Imagine getting out of the shower and stepping barefoot on cold bathroom tiles. Most of us dread that, especially in the cold, harsh winters. Hardwood has emerged as a popular choice among many homeowners for the convenience and comfort it offers. It doesn’t get too cold even in winters and it is relatively easy to clean and maintain; plus it looks much more sophisticated. But is hardwood the best choice for bathroom flooring? Many bathroom remodelers are not entirely convinced. First because naturally, moisture kills hardwood flooring and bathrooms are one of the most humid areas of your home. Secondly, there are chances of water spills or overflows which may not be taken care of immediately; this can damage the floor over a period of time.

However, if you absolutely have to choose a hardwood floor for your bathroom and can’t get enough of it, engineered hardwood is the best option compared solid wood like ply or solid wood bottoms. Engineered hardwood floor holds up better especially in spacious and well-ventilated bathrooms that are not used extensively. But if you are a family with younger kids, it is not possible to maintain a dry floor no matter how responsible you try to be. While damage due to the damp floor is one aspect, you may also need to consider the growth of mould, which could be a real problem when you have a damp bathroom for an extended period of time. Although harsh chemical cleaners are readily available in the market to tackle this issue, you can never be sure that such cleaners would not dull or damage the finish of your hardwood floor.

Possible choices

If you still are convinced that nothing looks better in the bathroom that hardwood, there are a few options that can still give you the look and feel of a hardwood floor, minus the threat of damage.

Faux-hardwood surfaces

These are bathroom floors that resemble hardwood. They look incredibly close to real wood. Another option is to match your vinyl based floors to the hardwood you have used in your home so that you have a consistent flooring throughout your home. There are several wood-like tiles and ceramic options with identical designs to get a similar look.

Treated Decking Wood

Another alternative to consider is a wood floor that has been treated against moisture. This type of wood is often used in for deck construction and can give you the feel and comfort quite close to real hardwood flooring. But you may want to research around the chemical composition of such wood. Having a deck of treated wood is completely different than having a closed bathroom filled with treated wood. Keep in mind that many water sealing finishes may have toxicity which can be harmful to your family’s health in the long term.

Although having wooden floors has its limitation, we realize that wooden flooring is still popular with most homeowners due to their look and comfort. If you absolutely cannot live without wooden flooring in your bathroom, talk to an expert on wooden flooring at Milton Hardwood. They can help you to pick the right variety and finish so that you have minimal maintenance and yet experience the comfort and style of wooden flooring in your bathroom.