What Floors are Best for Your Sign?

Jan 14, 2022

Remodelling your home can be a tough project, especially if you don’t really know your own design style. This might be because it’s your first time owning a home where you are able to design and decorate your space however you want. Or maybe you are looking for a new and more contemporary feel for your living space. Or, maybe you simply can’t decide between two different styles. Whatever the case, you could leave it up to the stars to help you make your decision.


If you are a Libra, you could find that balance is as important for your life and living space. This includes your design style. This constant harmony that you chase could lead you to symmetrical and refined aesthetics. Because of this taste, you will find that many Libras are designers, decorators or stylists, which gives you an advantage when you are designing your own home. You should consider installing some timber herringbone luxury vinyl in your kitchen, bathrooms or living spaces to help elevate the symmetry in your home. Herringbone wood-look flooring is trending in the interior design world. They come in eye-catching patterns that combine natural materials with more visual interest.


Scorpios are very passionate individuals, and so should your interior design. If you think home decor is important, then you are not afraid to do the research behind it. Your interior design should reflect how bold you are, so you should try and consider more eclectic designs, whether that be for your furniture or other elements in your home. You should invest in high-quality  flooring that you can trust to hold up to water and other damage for a long time. Going for a darker floor can also appeal to your personal style.


Capricorns are very reliable by nature, so you would probably be more drawn into timeless styles. You will need a style that reflects how dependable you are, so don’t get swept up into design trends that will fade while you work towards your long-term goals. Capricorns are practical and efficient by nature, which is why you might be drawn to hardwood laminate. It has the real look of hardwood without all of the maintenance, and it lasts a long time. Having an
organized home is very important for one of the most hardworking signs, so stick to a sleek and modern-looking design style that gives you lots of storage to minimize clutter.

If you have any other questions about what kinds of flooring might suit you and your home and want to get some expert insight, you can always speak with your local flooring specialists at Milton Hardwood.