Hardwood Flooring and Kids

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As much as we love our kids, a matter of fact is that with kids around we can’t really control spills and damages. After all, kids aren’t the most gentle when it comes to taking care of hardwood flooring. And when our hardwood flooring gets permanently etched or stained, we can’t help but feel disappointed about it. It may help to know that there are several options when it comes to choosing the right hardwood flooring for making your home more kid-friendly. Remember that when you have kids at home, the hardwood floor you choose needs to stand up to sippy cup spills, toys with sharp edges being dropped, food spills, food that gets trampled probably ten times before it is finally mopped by you and much more nasty accidents that you may have never even thought of. The bottom line is to choose a hardwood option that can withstand such rough usage.

Here is a list of best kinds of hardwood flooring options:

Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand scraped hardwood flooring also known as hand sculptured is a contemporary style of hardwood flooring that gives a warm and classic look to modern homes. Handscraped floors are a very contemporary trend and homeowners often pick this style of flooring to give a vintage look and feel to your home. One can also opt for Oak or Maple floors with the handscraped finish. Although handscraped flooring looks quite rustic and is skid proof and hence safer for kids when it comes to cleanliness it may not be the best option. Handscraped wood flooring has a rough surface which can accumulate dirt and spilled particles making it hard to clean thoroughly.


One of the most commonly used hardwood flooring materials is white and red oak. Although both the variants are almost equivalent when it comes to ensuring a solid hard flooring that can sustain adequate wear and tear, red oak is probably a more suitable variant for homes that have younger kids. The simple reason being that as red oak has a stronger grain, it can easily hide scratches and dents more effectively than its white counterpart.


Maple, the symbol of Canada, is also a popular choice for hardwood flooring. Its colour varies from pale white to light reddish brown. Maple is an extremely strong material and quite resistant to wear and tear.

Choosing hardwood flooring that will sustain wear and tear, especially when you have kids, can be difficult. Milton Hardwood can help you by providing the best and strongest hardwood flooring material for your property. Call Milton Hardwood today for any questions or for a free estimate

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