Installing new flooring is very exciting but there are a few key points you must consider beforehand including the colour that will best suit your space. Flooring is a very big part of any room and its installation is a big project which means you need to be sure about the colour to ensure you achieve the look you want. 

Flooring creates the backdrop for any room and it is a must that you pick the right colour for this reason. You should feel confident with your choice and should select a flooring colour that complements the room’s style, features, style and mood.

How to Choose Flooring Colour

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the colour options available, consider the rooms overall purpose, your furniture pieces and the flooring type you want. This information will help you determine the best flooring colour for your home and the following tips will help you make the right choice:

Purpose And Users

You must consider your room’s overall purpose when looking at flooring colours. Some rooms are for the family while others are for kids and pets and colours will play an essential role in matching the room’s functionality. To make this process easier, consider:

  • Specific design features – If you want your furniture to be the focal point of the room, select natural colours for your flooring which can serve as a beautiful base. Ideally, your flooring should serve as a backdrop instead of stealing attention away from specific design features or your selected design elements. 
  • Functional materials – The function of your space will play a very big role in your decision. If your household has pets or kids, you will need flooring that is durable, affordable and customizable and some materials are only available in certain shades which is something you need to keep in mind.
  • Purpose of the room – A playroom is very different from a family room or dining room and the purpose of the room will help you select the right colour for your flooring. 

Size Of The Room

Flooring colours will significantly impact how big a space feels and if you are working with a larger room, darker flooring colours will make your space feel smaller and more intimate. Light-coloured flooring on the other hand will make smaller spaces feel a lot larger and will open up the space. You need to decide how you want the space to feel when selecting flooring colours. 

Contrasting And Complementing Colours

Think about the colour of your furniture when choosing a floor colour. Matching colours can feel too uniform but contrasting colours may be overwhelming and harsh on the eyes. Your flooring should complement the colour of your décor and you should try to create a balance between other colours and features in your room. 

If you are installing flooring in several rooms in your home, choose how you’d like each room to combine through colour. Using the same floor colour can create a sense of flow and unify the rooms whereas choosing a different colour for each room can establish separate living spaces. 


What kind of mood would you like to set for your home? Think of the overall feel you’d like to achieve and select a flooring colour accordingly. Cool-tones and darker flooring will create a formal feeling whereas dark colours with warm tones will create a cozy environment. Pale and cool-toned floor colours on the other hand will make your room feel airy and bright. 

Light coloured flooring is recommended for smaller rooms because it will create an open and airy feeling and you will not feel cramped despite being in a small room. Light gray or light-toned wood will help you achieve a relaxing and peaceful environment and brown solid hardwood flooring can help you achieve a rustic feel and a cozy and natural space. 

Type of Flooring

Try choosing colours that complement the flooring material you select. Types of flooring and common colours include:

  • Hardwood Solid hardwood flooring is available in light and dark colours. Darker-coloured wood is popular because it offers a sophisticated look but make sure the other colours in the room are not overly dark as this can make the room feel heavy or stuffy. You can also choose patterned woods that vary in colour.
  • Vinyl – This material is easy to mix and match and popular colours include blonde or whitewashed woods for an aged and airy look or gray if you prefer a classic and timeless interior.  You can also choose boards with variations of colours and you can install them in random spots in your room or coordinate them for uniformity.
  • Laminate – You can select laminate that looks just like natural wood in light, dark brown or gray shades. You can select different colours and shades for your planks and you can coordinate their placement throughout the room. 

Regardless of the type of flooring you select, it is highly recommended that you take samples of that material in different colours to decide what looks best in your space. Don’t forget to test the shades of colour at different times of the day to see how they look in natural light.

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